Sunday, February 12, 2012


All I'm craving now is peace in Syria- actually, craving wouldn't be the right word at all.... it would be more like sitting, waiting, and wishing.

As long as my memory takes me back, my summers were always spent in Syria- my homeland.  Seeing my relatives, the different culture, and the country of my origin was always a the best part of visiting the oldest inhabited city in the world.  However, I have never seen Damascus without it's studded decoration of Assad's regime posters on buildings, schools, and even restaurant walls.  "Who is this man?  And why is do I see him everywhere?,"  I asked my Arabic teacher when I was very young, "He must be very loved to have that much popularity among the civilians!"  My teacher simply nodded and told me that the country was very lucky to have such a president.

Being used to the freedom of speech in the states, I promptly asked what is it that made him a great president- my teacher's face immediately turned into a deep red, and said that he was a great president regardless of any circumstances.  I was curious, and utterly confused.  My Arabic teacher of many years then warned me, as she saw that I may may have a possible cinch to ask questions that were not to be asked.  She warned me never to speak ill of the president, never to ask anything about him, never to even question anything he would ever do in the future.

Hearing these warnings was extremely bewildering to the ears of a girl raised in a democratic country- where no one feared expressing themselves.  Why couldn't I say anything negative about the ruler of Syria?  I repeatedly bombarded my instructor with an overload of questions until she finally told me the taboo reality- if anyone "carelessly" spoke negatively of the Syrian regime, it could yield a large array of danger to the speaker, and to their family.  At that point, I was seriously in shock at that statement which appeared to me as outrageous;  however, danger was a scary thing, and I stuck to the flow.  She quickly changed the subject- and we never spoke of this ever again.

As time progressed, and I grew older- I wanted to discover more and more about the history, architecture, cities, people, and government of the country of my ancestors.  The more and more I traveled around the historic cities of Syria, the more and more I was proud to be apart of it.  It's charming Roman and Ottoman architecture is prevalent in countless places, and it's history- extremely rich and ancient.  However, the more I discovered about our government, the more dismal it appeared- and the more disappointed I grew.

It takes a mountain's worth of courage to stand up to a regime that thirty years ago, unforgettably brutally massacred 40,000 civillians.  In 1982, the people of Hama grew intolerant of the party running their beloved country- and designed a plan to attempt to overthrow the ruling tyrant at the time- Hafez Al-Assad.  Assad immediately took initiative to the posed threat and atrociously annihilated the city of Hama.
40,000 civillians dead.
15,000 people missing.
100,000 citizens expelled.
The once upbeat city of Hama had been turned into a graveyard.

After those terrors, the country grew silent, and obedient.

It is appalling that these towering digits had no effect on the possible denouncement of the absolutist...

Almost a year ago, the Syrian people gained courage once again to put end to the tyranny of the Assad regime.  However, Bashar Al-Assad is following into the dire footsteps of his loathed father- about 7000 people have been slaughtered in less than a year for peaceful opposition against the corrupt government.  The government has inhumanely taken the lives of myriad innocent women, children, and civilians to instill terror in the Syrian people.

In addition, Bashar Al-Assad has put the blame of these horrendous events on clearly non-existent "terrorist groups."  The only terrorist in Syria would be Assad himself.  The mere fact that Assad is pursuing childish blame games and not even being able to own up to his own actions speaks for itself- the well being of this capably prosperous country is not on his agenda.  And something needs to be done.

To add fuel to the fire, the Russian government is proudly supporting Bashar Al-Assad- so is the Chinese.  I have lost every ounce of respect for the these government officials- how could countless acts of pure homicide be supported?!  How can any form of business, friendship, or support stand in the way of obvious corruption and ruthless massacres?

How much longer do the hopeful people of Syria need to endure the trepidation of living under the mercy of a worthless tyrant?

Killing thousands of innocent civillians just to stay in power as a hated man?  The only human beings who would think in this distorted manner are ones with no soul, no conscious, no respect, and in no possible means, possess the character to lead an entire country.  Selfishness and power hunger have turned the ruling family into demonized barbarians- there is no punishment in the world that would equal the damage he has done to a country filled with courageous people and proud potential.  The Assad regime will collapse in it's corruptness, and justice will soon be brought to all the lives lost, broken families, and horror the innocent civilians have been put through.  Bashar's reign of terror will end soon- and the wrath placed upon the people of this country would be undoubtedly unforgettable- but will always be a reminder of their resilient strength.

I feel like a grain of sand compared to the brave hearts in Syria who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of their families and the freedom of their country.

I love my Syria- and it deeply hurts me to see what the people of this day and age have become.



  1. Well said, dear Peonies. May God give the Syrian people strength and courage. And may we have the privilege to go back to our other home country in the very near future....