Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guess Who's Back

SOOOO, this is awkward, I haven't posted in ..........eeek....... years! That was bad.  Butttt, now I have many weeks off and I am determined to redeem myself and tend to my poor abandoned blog!

I finished one year of dental school!  Whoo!  How did I like it? I loved it, really!  It's so nice studying information I know I will be using in my future, unlike undergrad.  I met a lot of new friends, and the community atmosphere at school makes the experience cozy.

Due to my successful completion of my first year, I now have my last summer to enjoy!  I already went to Florida, Chicago, Brazil, and Argentina!  But now I have quite some time to myself.... I am determined not to let this "grand finale" summer go to waste and do things I've always wanted to do!

As a (future) result (I hope), I will post (almost) daily, with something I have accomplished that day- just to keep some pressure on myself to not glue myself to the couch and watch Netflix all day.

But before anything, I must reflect on my most recent trip- South America! (Coming very soon ;))


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