Monday, July 14, 2014

Hot In Cleveland

The loveliness of Cleveland doesn't show in the presence of grandiose nature, but in the little charms you find in hidden alleys, and random corners.  There's always something new to discover in Cleveland, it's really filled with little boutique shops, and saturated with delicious unique restaurants that are rare in other cities!

Today, I visited one of the places I love most in Cleveland- the West Side Market!  Not only is it a vast farmers market with numerous vendors shouting right and left to try to get your attention, but it is also a market for every type of food you can think of!  It is very similar to The Grove farmer's market in Los Angelos.  (Obviously, I'm a sucker for farmer's markets!)

Over in the market you can find anything your heart desires including fruits, veggies, meats, seafood, jerkey, cupcakes, popcorn, ravioli, pierogies, amazing deserts, pastas, crepes, olives, canolis, literally EVERYTHING!

So today I paid it a visit and decided it was so necessary to share it's charm that has me always coming back!

I'm excited about the new goodies in my fridge today ;)  Our meals just get tastier when I visit the market!


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