Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring into Style

Alice + Olivia has never ceased to leave me wanting every article of clothing they feature in their seasonal collections.  Their new spring collection is no exception!  Check out these ah-mazing outfits from one of my favorite designers.

The intricate floral details of this top are too hard to pass up!

This one is my favorite- the simplicity of this pastel striped dress makes this dress just perfect for spring!

LOVE the color coordination of this look- soft pink and mint should never be separated

Kind of wild and the ultimate daring outfit, but I can't deny it's caught my eye!

Adorable fringed top from Alice + Olivia? Yes Please!

Cute and chic- I love the polka dots with the blazer, and the red pants tying them all together- perfect outfit!

Crossing my fingers to win one of those 5000 Neiman Marcus store credits they're always giving out!



  1. Love you fashion posts!! Keep them coming :) So excited you'll be here on the 12th of May!!!