Monday, April 16, 2012

Obsession Confession

So it's not bad enough that I'm quite the Nutella addict, then Biscoff (the ultimate airplane cookie) had to make their own spread.  I saw it at the grocery store the other day- and my hand just drew to it.  I couldn't wait to taste it the second I got home.  I didn't know what to expect from a creamy spread based off of a cinnamonny cookie I always loved.  It was GOOD- and not the good like, okay this is pretty good- no, the good as in we finished the entire jar in a few days!  That's not good because the calories in that stuff are not ignorable- 90 in a single tablespoon!  Even that couldn't stop me from reaching for the red capped jar in the pantry (which I tried to hide from myself a few times- didn't work).

Something else that made my day was a little tweak I got for my car- little enough to make me pretty excited.  I was at Target (the best store ever), in the dollar section, and I got this tooo adorb mini tissue box for my ride, too cute that I had to share.  I would probably rarely ever use these, but seeing a cute baroque cube in my arm rest will definitely make me smile everytime I open it!

Last but not least, these socks from Banana Republic for hubby were too sweet to overlook!  It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve, sort of, except on your sock... close enough for me!



  1. Sounds delicious!! Where did you find again? Will have to check my grocery store the next time I'm there! Will give you my review, too :) But trust that the spread is scrumptious from yours!
    Love the sweet socks - can picture H wearing them...not sure if mine would go for it haha ;)

  2. Thank u! :) I got it from Wal-mart acutally, I'm sure you'd be able find it at any grocery store though (probably not Trader Joe's or WholeFoods), in the peanut butter aisle. Try it and let me know if you get hooked! ;)