Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday *Thrills*

Ready to take a magic carpet ride??  Now you're daydreams can become realities with a newly launched Moroccan home accents shop online.  Boucherouites, runners, and rugs from all shapes and sizes are stealing the show with their vibrantly colored patterns and handmade prints.

However, beautifully decorated floor rugs aren't the only house warming decals causing shopping traffic at this creative site, it's also their ethnic home goods- from poufs to serveware to bedding- they have all the quirks for exotic accent lovers.

Colors and designs like these are what deepen my crave to visit Marrakesh...

Their site also has an alluring handbag collection, as well as traditional bracelets, and adorable leather goods!

It's definitely fun to add a touch of Moroccan to any environment!


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