Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday *Thrills*

Ever thought you would look to a rabbit for style advice?  Think again!  Meet Fifi Lapin- she was born one of 257 siblings but was the only one who survived after a devastating myxomatosis knocked out most of the family. Her daddy spoils her rotten and she is an "haress" to his unending riches!  Most importantly, she is a stylish fashionista and definitely one to take fashion advice from!  And her blog is definitely one to follow!

Fifi loves Juicy Couture!  And looks great in it too!

An uberchic outfit idea from Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Fifi looking fabulous in Moschino!

To make it all better- Miss Fifi's book is going to be available soon! Can't wait to read it!

These Fifi Lapin postcards are adorable!
A sweet Juicy tee with Fifi and her boy Sunny Hare!  
I want one!

Bunny Hugs to everyone!


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