Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday *Thrills*

Whoa, is it Thursday already?? Time- can you pretty please slow down and let me catch my breath?

This week I'm thrilled by these hilarious bandaids- yup, I said bandaids!  Haven't you heard?  The plain ol' bandages are out, and these witty ones are definitely in!  Here's a way to give your first aid box a fun makeover!  Why not turn a hurt into a laugh??

No more explanations needed... these babies say it all... or can lead to more questions...
I need a lifetime supply of those Ninja fight ones, no one ever seems to believe me!
Hmm... is it just me, or would these be perfect for the characters from The Hangover?
A cute, cuddly panda did that?! *gasp*
Okay, a little too realistic, don't you think??  And kind of creepy!
(But I'm dying to get that free prize, who wouldn't want a prize from a bandage box??)
My favorites! Now I don't have to try to imagine what my elbow would look like with a mustache anymore!
*Double points* if you have a cut above the lip!

And in case your first aid kit needs some sprucing up, most of these funnies are available at Urban Outfitters!



  1. This is the easiest way to grow the mustache I always wanted....and very convenient to shave as well!

  2. This post makes me laugh out loud - I believe the ninja fight wounds.