Thursday, July 10, 2014

Feelin Electric

Unfortunately, I was camera-less for quite some time because I lost my charger!  Sooo, I couldn't be patient anymore, I needed to find a way to charge the cam so I can actually take decent pictures!  There were quite some websites that sold the charger for my camera, but I wondered if I could just find some way to charge it right then and there without waiting for a charger to arrive!

As usual, I googled it!  Anddd... it's totally possible, and now I have a charged camera!  It is totally uncharacteristic of me to fondle with wires, I felt like a mad scientist in the process!

So, here's how to do it!

First, you have to find a USB cable at home that you don't need, it just has to have one USB end and could have any other end.  

Then, you have to look on your camera battery and find the 3 gold squares on the side.  The 2 outer gold squares are usually marked whether they're positive or negative.

Now, you have to cut the USB cable at the end that's not the USB port. (I know, scary to cut a wire)

Roll back the rubber and little wires until you see the 4 colored wires- red, white, black, and green.

Now, all you're going to use are the red and black wires!  So, peel back the rubber off the red and black mini cables exposing the wire.  (I just used scissors, and pulled the black rubber tip off).  The RED wire is usually POSITIVE, and the BLACK wire is usually NEGATIVE

Okay, here's the fun and crazy part!  Plug the USB cable into a USB charger in the wall, or a computer.  And you are going to touch (seriously, just touch) the black cable wires to the NEGATIVE golden square, and the wires of the red wire to the POSITIVE golden square.  (Just make sure they're touching)  Hold them like that for 10 minutes maximum!  (Or you may start a really unwanted fire :O ) 

Don't touch any exposed wires with your fingers while the cable is plugged in, unless you want to know what a current feels like...

ANDDD, within 10 minutes you should unplug the USB cable, and you'll find that you have a charged battery!!  My battery charged half way within 10 minutes!  

It was fun playing electrician for the day!!

Have a positively charged day! 


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