Monday, July 28, 2014

Dinner Diaries

One thing I absolutely love to do is to throw a dinner party!  Because dental school is an overwhelming vortex that sucks you in without giving any room to breathe, I decided to take advantage of the last few weeks I have free from the vortex and throw a dinner/birthday party for a few family and friends!

My adorable cousin Lana was turning 12, and I wanted to surprise her with a fun gathering on her birthday!  Because it was still Ramadan (our fasting month) at the time, it was going to be a break-fast dinner, so I tried to prepare foods that aren't dry for the mostpart!

I began preparing for the birthday with the funnest part- decorations!  I didn't make them too dramatic because I invited some people who didn't know it was a birthday dinner, and I didn't want them to have an awkward surprise!

I chose a pastel pink and green theme, because they're Lana's favorite colors :)
I ran out of balloons (eek!), so I filled the middle with some flowers and vines!

Also, most of the food I made were Syrian dishes my mother taught me how to make, and they ended up to be quite tasty! (Thank GOODNESS!)

Here was my menu:
Stuffed zucchini (called Koosa in Arabic)
Stuffed grape leaves
Chicken Asparagus Rolls 
Greek Salad
Fatteh with stuffed eggplants
Rice with Seafood (called Sayadiyeh in Arabic)
Puff pastry cheese braid

Everything was homemade except the kibbeh, which I ordered from a very talented Arabic chef in town!

I'll post some recipes for these in the future sometime! ;)

And I couldn't forget about the traditional dates, which are a necessity for beak-fast dinners. I decided to take a little spin on the dates and use date paste, pistachios, walnuts, and sesame seeds to make some date creations:

My desert menu was the exciting part!  I made Lana the coolest cake I've made yet!  It was a four layer pink velvet and vanilla cake with home-made marshmallow fondant (which is super easy to make!).  I also made strawberry tart, raspberry macarons, knefeh (an Arabic cheese pastry), cheese and watermelon bites, and some friends brought 3 other yummy deserts!

Notice the new Moroccan wall design on our wall behind us!  Completely DIY (expect a future post ;))
It looks homemade, but the premade sugar flowers added a professional touch 
My favorite desert to make!  Super easy and yummy looking!
The tasty most coveted Arabic desert- Knefeh!  I decided to make them muffin sized instead of one big platter!

All in all, the party was a great success!  And it was bittersweet because I probably won't be able to throw anything like it within the next two years!  I start school next week, and I'm pretty bummed out about my loss of free time to have fun with things I love to do... but I'll always find some time for it!

Andddd, most importantly, HAPPY EID!!!! I hope everyone's having a good week and a blessed Eid!

P.S.  The pictures weren't the greatest quality because they were mostly phone pictures!


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