Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go Green with the Chinese New Year!

Happy (late) Chinese New Year everyone! We decided to incorporate the Oriental celebration into our last weekend's activities. Apparently, there is an quaint Chinese cultural plaza right around the corner from home- and we joined them for their effervescent festival. Seeing a sea of an entirely different array of customs was a reassurance of how diverse and colossal our world is. Among all the festive dances, martial arts shows, and a fun bazaar, what caught my eye and interest most, was a particular eco-friendly stand. The group was called DA.AI Tech- a nonprofit organization that showcased blankets, scarves, jackets, and even clothes- all made from 100% recycled PLASTIC BOTTLES! And to sweeten the deal, I felt the fabrics of their products, and they were incredibly soft!! If 'too soft' was a category- they would definitely qualify!

I did some more research on their company and I was enraptured to read that the altruistic organization's motto is: " Turn trash into gold, gold into love, love into a purifying stream, and surround the globe with it."

Love it!

Here are some of their products:

They've got pretty descent styles for women:

And yes, some for the men too:

Even some cute winter accessories:

And, saving the cutest for last, they also give the munchkins an opportunity to save the earth!

This is their product website; however, there's a major problem- it's ALL in Chinese!! I totally speak Chinese and was easily able to get around their site- kidding - I had to randomly click a trillion things until I found all their products... I'm sure there's a way to translate it to English, but I haven't figured it out!

Main point- I'm exceedingly fascinated by DAAI Tech!


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  1. I love these! I can't believe they are made from plastic bottles!!!