Monday, January 16, 2012

!Back to School!

Well thank goodness for Martin Luther King day, because if it wasn't for the day off, I would have been in classes from 9 till 7 today... Yup, Monday is definitely the day to dread this semester!

Although I REALLY enjoy the time off, and having moments to some of my pastimes, I am excited to go back to school and get into the routine mode again.

My classes this semester are:
-Organic Chemistry 2
-Biomedical Physics 2
-BALLET (yay!)

I went to Target (the best store ever), and bought all my school supplies, they have the most adorable stationary collections, I just wanted to buy the entire aisle!

I set up all my college gear on the table, labeled all my notebooks, and put myself in the study spirit!

I'm most obsessed with these adorable, edible looking erasers!  They're so appetizing, I hope I don't accidentally pop one in my mouth during class!
....Now I'm craving a doughnut....


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