Thursday, January 12, 2012

~Capture pics in style~

Urban Outfitters now have a new line of vintage CAMERAS! It's called the Lomography Camera Collection- super cool! How CUTE are they?! I'm very much in LOVE with them! I haven't used an old school film camera since, uh... 2002? I kind of miss having to go through the excitement of wondering how the pics I took turned out.

My personal fave: the La Sardina camera with the ignore proof, big bulky flash.

To add a bonus, these vintage accessories come with a matching photobook!

It looks like it came fresh out of the '70s- vintage has become the new up-to-date.

I think this is the perfect old fashioned addition to an accessory collection- they're perfect to take on an exciting getaway to capture classic, one of a kind memories.



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