Friday, January 6, 2012

My first post!

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece~~ 

So I am super excited to start my first blog!!  I am just a girl who loves to have fun with everything.  I am currently a university student studying biology, which at many moments is NOT exciting!  I love to be creative and unique in almost everything I do.  I also LOVE fashion and trends, and keeping a modern sense, but what I love more is making it me.  

This blog is basically an attempt to compile my daily experiences, from cooking disasters, to organizing frenzies, to crafty projects, and much much more - basically, everything interesting that comes along in my busy life!

To me, everything is possible, and no project or goal is impossible to reach.

Looking forward to sharing my crazy ideas and points of view :).




  1. Wow this looks very interesting. I'm excited to seeing your crafty projects.