Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday *Thrills*

This Thursday's thrill is- Tom Mannion's phogoraphy!  I came across his photos online, and I was totally blown away!  Not only is he a phenomenal photographer, but the creativity in his work is remarkable!  If I'm ever in the mood to feel inspired, I just take a look at some of his photographs.

This is definitely my favorite- I could stare at it all day!  I love that clam on the side.

Also one of my favorites- I just want to go play some music now...

I love every bit of this photo- the colors, idea, and how everything is put together.

Colorful mini Buddhas everywhere!

I love how whimsical and quirky these photos are- don't you feel inspired?



  1. I am inspired to move to a villa in Italy and fill it with whimsical things :)