Sunday, January 22, 2012

I'm craving....

Fit and Flare dresses

This Azzedine Alaia beauty is just breathtaking!  It has definitely made it to the top of my favorites list!

See by Chloe has done it again with this perfect, fresh lacy dress.

This Norma Kamali fringed top would be my skinny jeans's long lost love.

Marchesa has truly proved once AGAIN her stunning creativity in this piece of art.

I love this semi-fringed bag from Nannette Lepore- it's simultaneously fun and simple!

Fringed skirts are too cute and too stylish!  I would love for this one from Topshop to be in my closet instead!

I'm loving the patterns, cutoffs, colors, and practically EVERYTHING in this Lanvin colorblock fringe dress.

Yup, this in style fashion is not just for clothes!  I'm consumed by this necklace from Urban Outfitters- it's just calling to me!  It would be perfectly paired with an extremely simple top.

Wrist Cluster

I'm loving this Tasha Bezel chunky bangle- it's color combination is genius!
These Juicy Couture ribbon tie bracelets are just so fun!  

This single bangle from Michael Kors is one of my faves- that tassel on the side would look so fabulous sticking out of a bracelet cluster!
I admire everything about this bracelet- the chains, the bow, and the charm!

Wrappies like this Tory Burch leather bracelet would be the cherry on top for a wrist cluster!

Salty Caramel Ice Cream

Freezing cold weather does not get in the way of my continuous ice cream cravings!  

Knitting Lessons

Hopefully I'll get to it.... soon!



  1. Love. your. posts.
    I've always wanted to knit, too :) The other day I was at Costco waiting for my tires to be changed. A lady was crocheting on the bench next to me. She offered to teach me while I waited. I must say the process was so relaxing and at the end you make something warm to use! Would be fun to to take a class together :)

  2. Aww thank you soo much! Yeah! That would be great!! :)