Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shimmy Scarves and Ballerinas

Well, yesterday had wayy too many interesting things for me not to share...

I tried a belly dance course... and oh what an experience that was! The class was not too great, and the teacher was something else- she was definitely a crazy wild geezer- which made me (and the class) quite uncomfortable at (many) times! But, my favorite part was wearing that embellished scarf around my hips- it was SO SO PRETTY! (and wearing it definitely make me feel like a pro dancer!) So, of course, I decided to check out those beaded beauties online and here are some that I love:

Dazzlingly exotic, right?

Now, I want to get one- but I thought of a better and more exciting idea- I want to make one!! That is definitely going to be my next project... school and studying will probably delay it, ALOT, but hopefully I'll get to it sometime! I'm thinking either light pink or lavender with a scalloped train of those noise making coins!

Moving on... right after that, I went straight to my first actual ballet class- I LOVED it!!! There were so many parts of it I loved, that I could make a list:

1. It was extremely relaxing!
2. I learned about 4 different routines
3. I loved the discipline I needed to acquire
5. (This is the best one) There was a piano accompanist playing for us at different beats for every routine- she was AMAZING! I am awe-inspired by her exceptionally impressive playing skills- now I want to learn a ballet inspired piece. Again, I searched online (google is my best friend) and I discovered Jamie Narushchen- a well renowned ballet pianist whose music is phenomenal- and I'm going to attempt to learn at least one melody from his collection. So, I'm going with 'Plie' ~

My day at school ended with an ultra tasty sweet given to me by my Taiwanese classmate- it was a pineapple cake from Taiwan... SO GOOD! To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect when I was ripping open the charming gold textured wrapping. So sweet of her...

Wonderful weekends to all!


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