Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm craving....

Trendy Iphone Accessories

This adorable audiobot would be my perfect music buddy- isn't he cute?
Pop phone handsets are uber stylish- but that's not their best quality.  These babies are good for keeping radiation away from you!
Nostalgic for these?

Not sure I'm really craving these- but gotta say it would definitely be a fun sight to see!

Yummy!  I sure hope these gummy bears taste as good as they look! :P

Looking Equestrian

Dsquared2 definitely captured the riding theme with this elegant, yet modern blazer.

These high rise DKNY trousers are forever classy!

Who knows equestrian more than the riding expert- HERMES- this silk sleeveless blouse is vintage chic.

Franco Sarto
Riding boots- in style, elegant, classy, and entirely equestrian!  These signet rustic riders are swiftly stealing my heart.

Oh Hermes- I love how you perfectly design every piece- especially this sublime quilted coat. 

What better way to look like an equestrian than sporting this alluring leather satchel from Ralph Lauren?

The distance between me and carrying one of these exquisitely enchanting Hermes totes is probably equal to the distance between the sun and Pluto- but a girl can always dream!

What's an outfit without an outstanding piece of jewelery- I am in love with this Hoorsenbuhs, totally horse themed, rose gold ring.  


In case you're wondering that they are... they are only the best decal ever!!  Have an empty/plain wall, cabinet, tray, box, gift, ...anything?  Wallies will surely turn that around!  They are the perfect fast and easy solution to a boring room.  These cutouts come in all shapes and sizes- from headboards to boarders to chalkboards- their possibilities are undeniably endless!  Here are my faves (and I really had to narrow these down):

I'm obsessed.

Glow in the Dark Bycicles

I saw them on this Blackberry commercial and decided that there is NOTHING cooler!  I would love love LOVE to cycle on these glowy quirkies in the middle of the quiet night... I reeeeaaaalllly want to ride one! (Although, I don't know where in the city I would ride it without getting mugged...)


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